June 2013 inventory

Thanks to an agreement with the Regional Natural Areas Conservatory (CREN) of Midi-Pyrénées, Nicolas Gouix, doctor in entomology and expert in old forests, accompanied us on a field-trip to the Maramures. With Vincent Vignon, Vita Sylvae’s scientific director, we undertook the task of making an inventory of 2 forests: the famous Botiza forest and another one belonging to the municipality of Rozavlea, a dozen kilometers away.
The Botiza forest was felled around 10 years ago. This didn’t have an impact on its old structure but traces are still visible. In this forest, we can find really big trees. Rozavlea has never been cut but its trees are less gigantic as it is exposed to dominant winds. We can however find large quantities of dead wood which is treasure for biodiversity, notably birds and wood-boring insects.
We were lucky to find what we were looking for, the Ceruchus chrysomelinus, which is proof of biological continuity since the last ice age. Great news for all of us!
These two forests also represent a natural safe haven for large mammals such as deer, bear or lynx. Their difficult access makes them naturally quiet and peaceful.

IMG_1761 IMG_1786 IMG_1795
IMG_1827 IMG_2064 P1070275
P1070278 P1070283 P1070305
P1070313 P1070312 P1070315
P1070320 P1070318 P1070330
P1070337 P1070340 P1070352
P1070385 P1070394 P1070397
P1070400 P1070403 P1070404
P1070405 P1070412 P1070414
P1070418 P1070422 P1070420
P1070424 P1070429 P1070428
P1070433 P1070435 P1070437
P1070438 P1070436 P1070443
P1070446 P1070455 IMG_0799

These photos are intellectual property of Vita Sylvae and cannot be copied or distributed without permission. Copyright: Vita Sylvae Conservation.


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