Environment Ministry approves 210 management plans for protected natural areas

The Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests (MMAP) approved 210 management plans for protected natural areas. 200 million euros from European funds will be absorbed following this approval, the ministry announced in a press release.
“The approval of managerial plans will help protect species and habitats in these areas. When I took over the mandate I found out that over 2012-2016, only ten management plans had been approved. Since March to the present day, we have approved 210 such plans. It was the effort of several departments in the Environment Ministry and their colleagues from the other ministries participating in the approval. Practically, the approval of a management plan used to be 6 months, but now we have succeeded to make the procedure operational and reach an approval rate for a plan every 15 days,” said Cristina Pasca Palmer, the minister of Environment, Waters and Forests.
“Biodiversity is one of the three major priorities of my mandate, together with forests and green economy. 25% of Romania’s territory is under a form of protection, and that comes with certain responsibilities and with multiple benefits. I intend to change the outlook many Romanians have towards environment protection that it is a barrier in front of development. This unique natural capital Romania has creates many development opportunities, all we need is to access them,” the minister added.
As for communities, those who own land in protected natural areas and cannot carry out certain activities, will receive financial compensations.

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