Maroon 5 members support fight against illegal logging in Romania

Two members of famous American rock band Maroon 5 sent a letter to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos, offering their support for the fight against illegal logging in the country, reports Business Wire.

The artists sent the letter before the Maroon 5 concert in Bucharest’s Constitutiei Square on June 5. The letter also addresses Environment Minister Cristiana Pasca Palmer.

“Romania is a rich and diverse country that has so much to offer, including its beautiful mountains and precious old growth forests; a natural wealth unique on the continent,” reads the letter signed by Jesse Carmichael – Maroon 5’s keyboardist and guitarist, and James Valentine – guitarist.

“We understand that Romania’s forests are significantly threatened by illegal logging. We wish to express our support for Romania as you work to create a long-term model that encourages sustainable forest management, deters illegal practices, and protects the nation’s internationally renowned national parks, for the benefit of the Romanian people for generations to come.

Keep on reading this article at Romania Insider.


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