Britain’s Prince Charles not buying forest land in Romania

The British Embassy to Bucharest denied on Monday the media rumors according to which Prince Charles of Wales was involved in forest purchases in Romania.

Several Romanian media wrote on Monday morning that a foundation sponsored by Prince Charles wanted to buy some 100,000 hectares of forest land in Romania. The foundation, which is called Conservation Carpathia (FCC) relies on donations made by foreigners and plans to buy the forests to protect them from illegal cutting, according to the foundation’s representatives.

The foundation has already bought some 16,000 hectares according to local news portal It plans to buy more over the next 10-20 years and turn the area into a national park that will be donated to the Romanian state, according to the same report.

However, the British Embassy to Bucharest issued a statement that ruled out Prince Charles’ involvement in this project. “Contrary to reports in the media today, The Prince of Wales is not involved in the purchase of 100,000 hectares of forest land in Romania and is not Patron of the Conservation Carpathia Foundation,” reads de Embassy’s statement.

“His Royal Highness continues to support the country’s unique landscape and heritage through the work of The Prince of Wales’s Foundation Romania, which he launched during a visit to Romania in June 2015.” (…)

Keep on reading this article at Romania Insider.


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