Blocking of Forest Code threatens forests and local communities in Romania

President Klaus Iohannis signed recently the request to re-examine the law that modifies and supplements law 46/2008 – the Forest Code, on account that it limits economic activity.

In this context, the World Wide Fund of Nature (WWF) Romania warns in a communiqué: “WWF-Romania is worried that the current debates on the new Forest Code focus on the economic use of forests in the form of wood, ignoring the conservation of biodiversity and the welfare of local communities. WWF reminds that the forest is not just a merchandise for the economic market, that price is not the only thing that should matter when putting wood to good use, but also the contribution to the sustainable development of local authorities. The use and processing of wood and other products offered by the forest should in fact support the life of communities located near forests and local economic development.

WWF-Romania representatives consider that although Romania has natural forests that are very valuable from both a natural and economic standpoint, it capitalizes on exports that preponderantly consist of unprocessed wood (logs, timber, pellets etc.).

Article published by NineO’


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