Romania to plant new forests with EUR 4.7 million

Romania’s forestry management company Romsilva will allot RON 21 million (some EUR 4.7 million) this autumn to plant forests on around 4,300 hectares of land. The most important forest regeneration work will be carried out in the plain area and in the Danube Delta, namely in Tulcea (629 hectares), Dolj (543 hectares) and Ialomita (320 hectares) counties, according to Romsilva, reports local Agerpres.

During the spring campaign, Romsilva regenerated forests over an area of 11,484 hectares. In order to complete the annual program of 16,050 hectares, other 4,252 hectares will be regenerated this autumn – 2,433 hectares via natural regeneration and 1,819 hectares via afforestation.

Romsilva will use over 6.5 million tree seedlings in this autumn’s campaign.

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