Romania relaunches compensations for owners of protected forests

The Romanian government will relaunch the compensations for owners of forests situated in protected areas. They will be compensated due to the law interdiction of forestry.

The new changes brought to the Forest Code provides the obligation for respecting the property right for the owners whose forests are situated on restraint areas and on Natura 2000 Communitarian Sites. Therefore the government will allow financial compensations to the owners which cannot exploit the wood mass. The compensations will be given starting the year 2014, for each restraint hectare.

Also the government prepares the legal framework regarding the continuous management of the forests in Romania aiming the Forest Code and the statute of the forest workers Law, to which are 3 GO referring to the reorganization of the Territorial Inspectorate of the Forest and Hunting State are added, regarding the circulation of the wood mass, respective, for the granting of compensations for the owners of forests situated in national parks.

Regarding the Forest Code, the most important modifications will lead to the change of the selling proceeding of wood mass, given that the wood will not be sold directly from the forest, but sold picked and shaped out from stores and special upgraded ramps, and to tightening the penalties for the wood robbery.

Therewith the new code provides support measures for the economical agents which develop their activity in the exploitation and manufacturing the wood area, emphasizing the better utilization of wood and discouraging the export of woodblock.

Source: Nartea Partners.


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