Romanian forests are cut illegaly more and more

According to News Romania, minister for Water, Forests and Fisheries, Lucia Varga, said at the end of a check on the illegal cutting of forest in Sebes Mountains, in Alba, that she thought that “the situation is not that serious” and that it is in some cases stealing “done with documents” and support from the authorities.

Lucia Varga, participated recently, following the request of the prefect of Alba, George Feneşer to a control about illegal forest felling in Sebes Mountains, and within it inspected several areas where the wood was exploited.

Control team, who is part of forestry inspectors, found areas where trees were felled illegally and were abandoned machinery or other areas where logs were thrown into rivers.

We had information that the situation is bad, but I thought it was not so serious (…) Unfortunately, we are witnessing the destruction, I say knowingly, of forests of Alba and I personally want to do a legislative framework as good, to strengthen control so that we can make order the forests in the country and Alba“, said Lucia Varga during inspection.


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