Romania pledges stronger protection for forests

New legislation aims to save the country’s remaining unspoilt forests from destruction at the hands of loggers.

Romania’s Environment Ministry on September 11th adopted new legislation to better protect the country’s forests, which activists say are in danger of being destroyed.

From now on all 210,000 hectares of virgin forests in Romania will be protected as no more human intervention will be allowed in these areas,” the Environment Minister, Rovana Plumb, pledged.

Environmental activists welcomed the news. “We are happy that the Environment Ministry has taken into consideration our proposals for the better protection of country’s unspoilt forests, which are more vulnerable than ever to socio-economic pressures”, Magor Csibi, from the World Wide Fund for Nature Romania, said.

[…] While the law says all virgin forest should have been included in national and nature parks, in reality this was not the case.

Partly this was because much of this forestry is situated in inaccessible valleys, or on high mountains slopes which are not part of the parks.

Support for Romania’s endangered forests has come from the heir to the British throne, the Prince of Wales, who recently warned that Romania could end up with huge barren areas like the Highlands of Scotland or like parts of Canada that were also once covered by forest.

If we carry on the same way we end up with destruction occurring and people saying later on ‘We want this back’“, Prince Charles said.

[…] Romania has around 6.4 million hectares of forest and 120,000 people employed in the forestry sector.

Read full article on Balkan Insight.


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