About 75 pct of Romania’s rural population live in precarious circumstances

Round 75 percent of Romania’s rural population live in precarious circumstances, and more than one million of them till and work the land, but receive no salary and are not paid in kind, either, reads the first representative survey, which the Institute for Social Economy (IES) in partnership with the Romanian Academy’s Life Quality Research Institute (ICCV) conducted, at the associations of owners of farms, of forests, and composesorates, nationwide.

According to the same survey, 0.80 percent of the farming exploitations own 44 percent of Romania’s cropland. And the foreign investors already own about 8 percent of Romania’s cropland, namely 700,000 ha, and after Romania’s joining the EU, the farming associations considerably dwindled, reads the release the Social Society Development Foundation (FDSC) sent to Agerpres.

The survey was carried out on the representatives of 794 farming entities, in Romania, late in 2011.

ICCV researchers show that people living in the countryside mostly depend on farming, but the work fails securing them a decent living, due to the low productivity and their reduced access to the market.

They also cautioned against the crop land’s fragmentation, Romania numbering over 3.8 million farms, most of them less than 1 ha. Thus, Romania is the country having the largest number of farming exploitations of the EU.

In their turn the IES officials said that 99.2 percent of the farming exploitations are individual subsistence farms.

An article from actmedia.


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