Romania in 2030

Romania should become the 7th economic power of the EU by 2030, as it already ranks 7th in surface and population, stated the Romanian president, Traian Basescu, yesterday, during a conference organized by The Economist.

In 2030, Romania will have been able to use the agricultural potential, becoming a net exporter of food products. Romania will also become a dream destination for tourism due to the 30 percent virgin forests that exist here or the 6000 brown bears, that exist in the Carpathian Mountains. The president thanked Prince Charles and the British Royal Family for promoting Romania’s tourism attractions.

By 2030, Romania will have an aging and smaller population, reducing from the current 21.5 million to just around 16 million. Basescu added that the low birth rate is not influenced by financial conditions but by the changing life style of Romanians.

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