WWF gives Europe ‘E’ for effort on climate

A new report commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on EU climate policies condemns what it sees as a “standstill in long-term strategies“.

The report grades both EU-level policies and those of the 27 member states according to an A to G scale. These go from a high of ‘D’ for countries like Denmark and Germany to ‘F’ for Luxembourg and Greece. The 27 EU member states as a whole get an ‘E’.

The report was funded by the European Climate Foundation and written by Ecofys, a consultancy specialising in renewable energy and climate policy.

Central and Eastern European countries tend to be lower ranked in the report. Poland, Romania and Bulgaria are criticised for providing inadequate plans for the implementation of the EU’s goals for energy efficiency and renewables in industry.

Nonetheless, the report stresses out that “in every country in the European Union there is an example of positive action. A wider application of these policies across the EU would result in further reductions of greenhouse gas emissions“.

Bulgaria and Romania, for example, are praised for passing laws to improve management of forests. However, sometimes this “positive action” was decidedly minimal. Slovakia, for example, is praised for having “reinstated their ministry of environment“.

Jason Anderson, head of EU climate and energy policy at the WWF, suggested it is understandable that less wealthy countries are less willing to finance climate commitments because of other budget priorities.

You can’t continue to have the impression in [Central and Eastern European countries] that they are bearing a burden without a light at the end of the tunnel“, he said.

Read the entire article in EurActive.com


One response to “WWF gives Europe ‘E’ for effort on climate

  1. in the eastern european countries, it is desired that such a source will become a new political class, with a new mentality and new vision.

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