WWF campaign is returning its first results

The campaign launched by WWF on October 24 is returning the first results. After raising over 65,000 signatures, the Minister of Environment and Forests, Mr. Laszlo Borbely, expressed his awareness of the fact that lack of regulation means that trees can be cut by companies and individuals, without actually breaking the law.

Borbely hopes that a new legal framework will be implemented to ensure the protection of endangered Romanian forests by the end of this year. Taking into account that forests untouched by man have become a hot topic, the EU has scaled up efforts to provide the financial support required by an effective preservation strategy.

The UE has committed to offer 100 million Euro ($13.4 million), a significant amount of money meant to provide compensations to the private owners of such important ecosystems.

This first step towards establishing proper regulations is quite significant, with the official from the WWF saying that up to 80% of Romania’s untouched woodland is currently exposed to the aforementioned danger.

Read more about it: Softpedia.


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