Prince of Wales campaigning to save the ‘fairytale forests’ of Romania

The dark forests of the Carpathian Mountains, that once inspired the vampire legend, are some of the last untouched wilderness areas in Europe.

Many of the tiny Saxon villages have not changed for centuries and bears and wolves can still be found in the woods.

However rapid economic growth in the new EU country of Romania means that both the forests and the ancient way of life is under threat from building and demand for timber.

The Prince, who recently brought a home in a small village in the area, is calling for protection for the forests before they are lost forever like the woodland that once covered much of Britain.

The Prince warned that if the forests are chopped down, Romania will end up barren like areas of the Highlands of Scotland or Canada that were once covered by virgin forest.

Magor Csibi, Country Manager of WWF’s Danube-Carpathian Programme in Romania, said 250,000 hectares of virgin forests in Romania are in urgent need of protection. The area represents up to 65 per cent of the virgin forests still remaining in Europe, outside of Russia, and is home to brown bears, lynx and 13,000 other speices.

Saving all our forests and their unrivalled biodiversity is our mission, but the pinnacle of this mission is the protection of our virgin forests”, he said. “We will never be able to rebuild this part of nature. Once lost, it is lost forever. Considering that we are among the last European nations fortunate enough to have such a treasure, it is our moral obligation to preserve this piece of nature intact and to leave a small piece of wilderness to our children”.

Read the full article in The Telegraph.


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