Forests in a Green Economy

Forests are a critical link in the transition to a green economy – one that promotes sustainable development and poverty eradication as we move towards a low-carbon and more equitable future.

Biologically-rich forest ecosystems provide shelter, food, jobs, water, medicine and security to more than 1 billion people, as well as regulate our global climate. The benefits of halving deforestation for climate change alone is estimated to be in the trillions. Yet despite these huge ecological, economical, social and health benefits, forests are still being destroyed at an alarming rate – 13 million hectares annually – often for limited private and short-term gains. While we have a suite of proven sustainable forestry practices and policies that work, they must now be scaled up and enforced to safeguard these natural assets.
The International Year of Forests, 2011 is an unprecedented opportunity for governments, civil society and business to embrace and embed a range of mechanisms – from certified timber schemes to community-based partnerships – that harness the benefits of well-managed forests.
Drawing on the recently published Green Economy Report, this UNEP brief illustrates that investing in forest maintenance and reforestation activities could make a significant contribution to the green economy transition. Not only would it catalyze economic activity and generate new employment, but it would also reduce the vulnerability and risk posed by increasing climate change.
Forests in a Green Economy provides an evidencebased roadmap for policy makers, the private sector, forest sector and forest dwellers alike, and underscores why these ecosystems must be managed for their full societal value if we are to successfully build a low-carbon, resource efficient future.

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UNEP‘s website.


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